Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Morning!


I'm guessing that everyone liked the dyed feathers?? They're fun huh!? They didn't get lost in my hair in some of the pictures?  :) My hair is obnoxiously (that was a hard word to spell for me!) red.

How about the hair clips!? I really need to get some new leather. Different colors. Red. hahaha...everything needs to be red I guess in my little world.

I'm back to  square one. This week I think my post will be closer together with fewer things and in the mornings. We'll have a camera until we get our own so THAT WILL NOT BE AN ISSUE ANYMORE!!! Thank god.

Oh yea...I wanted to see too...I've been marking all my customs packages as "gifts" you know. Is that working out? I think people at customs are holding a few packages. I know they're giving someone in Germany a hard time. Do they make you pay extra in Canada for taxes with "merchandise" purchases out of the country?

We're going to look at a new place today! I'm really excited! Its across the street from my favorite coffee shop (don't know if that's a good thing) and not far from where we are right now. It would be nice because its a bit further off Sunset Blvd. Where we live right now is right off Sunset and its kinda crazy. Lots cars, STRANGE people, ect. I'm really just looking forward to living alone again with Jon and Sladen. I feel its the best move for all of us.

Alright...let me know how you guys feel about the new stuff! There is more coming for mid-week and weekend!!! I'll keep you updated!

LOTS AND LOTS of love!



  1. No, in Canada everything worked out just fine!

  2. ok good to know. I'm still figuring out all the best ways to get things done!