Friday, March 4, 2011


I feel like nothing is going to go smoothly today.

We've been borrowing are friends camera for the last 5 months to take photos and I guess he came and got it last night. NO CAMERA! AWWWWWW!

I'm really hoping my roommate lets us use his just for a minute later today. His camera is INSANE! It takes the best pictures. Its some Canon hahaha...

So we'll see. I'm starting to stress life right now and I hate it.

I'm making earrings for Kandee today too. I think she'll like them....Good stuff!!

If I can get things posted tonight, I think its going to be a lot of singles. They seem to be going first and I get the most requests for them. Like the black and white long feathered ones? Plus, they're not as expensive...doing the single wrap is easier than doing 2 that are hooked together!

so I'm going to get back to work...maybe makes some breakfast. My stomach is starting to feel sick again :( I think I just need my coffee!!!!

WISH ME LUCK TODAY! I'll let ya know whats going on....awwwwwwwww!


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