Monday, February 7, 2011


I just got back from the post office...holy cow.

Shipping out 30 earrings is A LOT of work! This was a all day thing I swear.

For those of you that have earrings coming, They should be there within the next few days depending on where you are.

Just an FYI...All the feathers can be straighten with a basic flat iron. If they get a bit curled in shipping, just run the feathers through your flat iron on a low setting. They will be totally fine! After I clean my feathers, I blow dry them and then iron them out! I have feather rooster extensions in my hair too that have held up perfectly in washing (or lack of washing) curling, straighting.. you name it.

I'm getting a late start on the day on making things. My board is empty now! AWW!!! I'm going right now to buy some more of those long thick black and white rooster feathers. I always think I get enough but I don't! I also might take Sladen down to my moms house for the rest of the week. That way I can FOCUS! I think I have ADD.

Ok, I'm off to the feather store!! I'll try to at least get a few thing posted tonight. I'll write here if I do, If not TOMORROW! I'm hopfully going to San Francisco on Friday so I want to get 40 pieces posted before then!!


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