Sunday, February 6, 2011

A...A...A few more earrings!

We got earrings going up!
I made of my fringe earrings too! We posted a picture of it in my ear so you can get a better idea of what it looks like in.

DeAsha, I took your advice and put more feathers in it! It looks awesome! I put two macaw feathers in it, a red tipped pheasant, and some rooster feathers.

Check out the etsy. Already 3 have sold. I'm going feather shopping in the morning so I'll get some new things. I thought about getting some dyed feathers. I usually don't use them but they might be fun for something different.

Jonathan is hopefully getting his cast off tomorrow afternoon too so I'll have an extra helping hands at making stuff this coming week.



  1. I saw the fringe! They look awsome! I'll have to tell my friends to check out your work :) Best wishes to you and Jonathan :)

  2. You should totally do a contest! Your earrings are AMAZING! I'm trying to decide which one to order?? LOL

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