Saturday, February 19, 2011

how was it?

good? ready for more?

I didn't have quite as many pieces as I thought I would. A bit under 30. Aww...I'm sorry. Its a little more work than I think sometimes.

I really need some new supplies. I wanted to post a few hair clips too! Last time they took awhile to sale but there's a few people that are asking for them now. Its supposed to rain all day, today, tomorrow, Monday blah blah blah....rain rain go away. So I'll get lots of work done in the next few days.

We're taking the day off. I'm going to do some modeling (ha) for my friend for her ebay store. Should make for a good laugh. Check out her blog. Theres a big picture of me and my brother about a year and half ago! Its kinda cute. People think we're twins. Her ebay store should be up and running soon if you like vintage clothes. She also makes really cool leather purses. I've been trying to get her to make me one. forever.

Much LOVE! Let me know what you guys are thinking. If you want some more stuff, what styles you're liking and all.



  1. hey Cardi! I love your stuff so much but I keep missing your creations before they sell out. I already own one of your great creations and hair clips sound so cute!

    I have shorter hair (about chin length) and since a lot of your work includes larger and longer feathers, are you thinking of making any earrings or clips that are smaller that would look cute with shorter hair styles? I think that would be great!

    Keep up your amazing work, you are like our little Spice Fairy adding a pinch out goodness to our wardrobes!

  2. Your creations are so amazing! I agree, the hair clips sound really cool. I love the fine detail of your work, and how stylish it is! Definitely can't wait to see more. Also, perhaps you could do one more of those pretty pair earrings (I think you made a couple in the past), just for variety? In any case, SO SO PRETTY! I already have one too, and I love it. Beautiful! Keep up the great work!