Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have to vent just for a minute.

We just took our stupid dog Frankenstein to the emergency vet. HAHAHA he got himself into a pickle. While I was gone today he was trying to hump our roommates dog and got a bit too excited. His little peep got stuck out! It was sooo weird! Oh my gosh, I want to puke just thinking about it. We tried putting him in cold water, putting A + D on something to put sugar on it? Nothing worked. So, 500 dollars later poor guy has to get surgery :( AHHHHHH! I'm so mad. We have to go back and get him at around midnight. I'm ready for bed now. Sladen is up dancing around singing, driving me nuts. I'm on the irritate for sure.

So its time to get back to work tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe to do a weekly post with 25 plus pieces like we did on Friday. Would that be better than doing 10 at a time every few days? We have to get another charger for the camera because our friends dog took a pee on ours while it was plugged into the wall. Fried it and almost burnt down the house. DOGS!!! I'm telling ya. I would like to have another 30 things to put up by Wednesday. I'm going to start making a few hair clips!! They take a bit longer to do but they are amazing.

I'm hoping for a bit of sleep tonight. We'll see. Check tomorrow and I'll know what this week is looking like for more earrings.

Wish me luck with Frankenstein.


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  1. I'm stalking your shop site.....hoping to see something green w/ a skull bead! =D Love your work and hoping to snag a feather earring for myself.

    Love and Fireflies!