Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, our blog views just went up from 1,000 to almost 6,000 in one day!

The BIGGEST LOVES coming from Jonathan and I to Kandee Johnson! Wow... You guys all are FREAKIN' amazing!!! I never knew when I met this beautiful person what a huge impact she would make on my life. Having her awesome energy back Salvage LA has been a blessing beyond words. Nothing...Nothing but loads of love.

Tonight Jonathan and I are at my moms house in Orange County. We came down to spend some time with her, and get my little Sladen!! (He as been hanging out with his Nana for a few days) I wish we were back in LA tonight so I could start making more things! But tomorrow we're heading up early so we can get busy. We decided we won't do the Melrose Trading Post this weekend, only Etsy. So we're dedicated to focus all efforts to Kandee's fans ( and our new fans :) ) by having our Etsy account stocked with GOODIES!!

Thank you so much for all the readers! Thank you for your love and support! Please stop back by tomorrow for updates on when new things will be up on etsy! or to be added to our email list...Email wonderful Jonathan at

Good Night! Much love.

-Cardi and Jon


  1. I just found out about your AMAZING earrings, I am so excited to buy them I cannot WAIT!

  2. Hi cardi.. i just placed an order for a ear ring.. i am from india and i'd like to pay by cash.. can u please tell me how i can make the payment ??
    hope u reply soon.
    P.S. you've got amazing talent :-)

  3. Hi Cardi,thanks so much from Spain because it´s the only way to buy your amzing earrings.
    Kandee´s fan

  4. Hi Cardi
    I know about you by kandee's post.
    I love her, she's fantastic. And i love your beutiful earrings i can't wait to make a purchase but your etsy shop is empty.
    hope to get one soon

  5. I was sent here through Kandee and it literally brought tears to my eyes to know how much one person can affect another person's life in such a big and positive way! Kandee truly is a great person and even though I don't know you personally I am so happy for you and inspired by the fact that dreams really DO come true! Good luck to you in the future :)

  6. Hi Cardi!

    I went to in hopes to purchase some earrings and I didn't see anything available. Do you make earrings per customer? How do I go about placing an order? Please advise. Thanks.

  7. hi :) congratss!! p.s. you're designs are simply amazing <33