Monday, January 31, 2011

rain sunday, post monday

Rain Rain RAIN!

It rained all day yesterday at the flea market. SUCKS.

BUT...that means...lots to post for you guys on ETSY!! YAY!!

The new MONDAY earrings are up! A couple have already sold. I'm really excited to see so many of the same people come back and buy. Theres a few a you that are getting quite the collection from us!!!! Its so amazing to me, and really means the world.

So now, Jonathan and I are enjoying a couple glasses of wine. Relaxing :) My son is at my moms house for a few days so I'm taking advantage of it. haha, but sending lots of love to Kandee and her new love! My mom made her a super funky cute baby blanket. I hope she likes it! My mom makes the best baby blankets ever. I still have mine she made me 25 years ago!

Check out the new things on etsy. If you guys have any general requests, let me know. I'm waiting for a shipment of those orange tipped pheasant feathers and then I'm going to make some more like the last one I made for Kandee.

Much love toooo all.


  1. Loved the layered one! I just bought it :) I missed out on another I wanted unfortunately, they go soo fast :( but I love the one I got anyway :) I'm so happy for Kandee's new baby too! She's so cute! Best wishes to her and you for all you do for us! :)

  2. coming from kandees blog:) your earing feather "creations" are extremely beautiful!!! congrats girl! im definately a new follower/customer:)

  3. hey when will you be posting up new earrings on your etsy? i want to buy some! ^^
    btw abt how much do you sell them each by?

  4. Oh wow! I want one....and definitely w/ a bone skull bead! =) When will you be posting more in your Etsy shop???


  5. hi from Spain! i'm also coming from the amazing Kandee's blog (which I discover a few weeks ago and I just LOVE it). I have to say that this earrings are FANTASTIC.
    Do you ship to Spain? It would be great.
    I would like to know the prices, please!
    Congratulations on your creativity ;)


  6. Congratulations!!
    I love your creations! I knew that Kandee had feather earrings but never realized from where she had them. Now that I know I definitly want one^^ they're amazing! I hope you ship to Portugal.

    Please send news*


  7. I have been trying to get some of your earrings forEVER! I even went to the trading post and didn't find you! I would LOVE to get some so just let me know when you have more up ** or let me know where I can sign up for updates I tired the thing but it didn't work. :( You're amazing!

  8. i am soo happy your business is picking up!!! from one momma to another, i know how important it is to be home with the little ones. I have been blessed that I have been able to be a full time mommabear to my lil cubbie <3 i am so happy u get to spend more time w ur lil boo :)
    I already have one of ur amazing creations and look forward to owning more!!!
    so proud of you and the fact that a hard working momma is making her dreams come true!! u r an inspiration!!
    Thank u for ur hard work Cardi <3

  9. Cardi!! I thought hmm she must be pretty darn awesome if Kandee recomends her.. and I was not disappointed!Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!! I will most definately check you out on etsy!! I've been looking for some amazing feather earings for a while now.. One question though.. are you able to make the earings on a stud?? they holes in my ears were yanked on by a sweet little toddler when I was younger and don't look very good with the "hook" type... thank-you so much for the beauty you bring this world!

  10. Yay! Congrats on your success! I'm a huge fan of you and Kandee. And I love my Salvage LA earring, can't wait to buy more! xoxo

  11. I saw on Kandee's youtube video that your mom makes super awesome blankets. Does she sell these?