Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today is the day

I think I've finally caught up on everything I can for wedding stuff for now...

Besides more cleaning, moving furniture around, yard work and helping stuffing 300 little boxes with tissue and is my day to work for me!!

I desperately need to get my stuff from LA because I've been working out of my flat rate boxes with no work space for almost 3 months now. Its driving me crazy.  I have all my stuff in storage and now that I'm going to settle in Salt Lake City for awhile, I need to get it! I'm planning on setting up the kitchen table for now and I'm glad its just me and Sladen here to witness my crafty way of working in messes and no organization. hahaha...

For now I have 2 more leather feathers with real feather added to post but I'm going to bust a move and get some good stuff out. I'm feeling the need to go nuts so don't be surprised if you see some really long, crazy Cardi pieces coming out of me today. I want to make a few huge pieces. Its been a while.

So here I go. I got another pot of coffee going, Sladen is still watching the Princess Bride...I'm gonna set up shop and GET THIS GOING!!

Much LOVE!

If you have any requests for earrings, Let me know on the facebook fan page! I'll be checking it through out the day while I'm working...


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