Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moments of clarity and love...

So here it is...

A bit off the jewelry subject but this is my blog so whatever...

Coming back home

Its been a crazy town last few years. Struggling, wishing, hoping...From the OC to LA to Brooklyn and now back to where I started Salt Lake City Utah. 

I must admit, I felt a bit defeated leaving NYC. I felt like I had failed in so many ways. And then not to go back to LA...jezz. Forget about heart was broken in so many ways the day I left NY. 

Now that I'm here, I mean... after a few weeks, something feels so good about being here. It feels right for once where I am and what I'm doing. Not forcing anything in life. Just living and loving. Letting things happen instead of trying to control everything. 

I'm here with Sladen. And for the first time in his life, he has his dad more than twice a year. For the first time I have the support of the other parent. ha, imagine that.  I've spend the last 12 years moving around from place to place meeting new people, but now I'm surrounded by amazing friends I've known for years and years and grown up with, have old stories with. Its something I've been missing. My family is here, the beautiful mountains, the open land, the comfort of dollar movies and even all the crazy mormons that like to stare at me...

I don't think this is the place I'll stay and settle for life, but for now, I feel good about it. 

Just thoughts, things I feel grateful for today. 

I miss LA, I miss NY, I miss Jonathan...and I feel I'm finally making peace with it all. Of course there's ups and downs but its so important to think of the wonderful things that are going on. I forget this sometimes. I think we all do. 

I appreciate so much all the love and support that I get from you guys. Without you all supporting my jewelry, nothing would be possible for me like how it is now. 

Think positive. Love what you DO have instead of dwelling on what's not. 

Tons of Love. Thanks for staying with me :)