Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Its been awhile since I've posted...

Salvage LA is going through some changes!


Lets just say...New York is hard and I'm getting pushed in new directions.

It seems the feather sales have come to about a halt...Maybe because you can find them EVERYWHERE now. bummer for me after doing them for years.

That's ok though :)

This is giving me, as an artist and creative designer, the push to do something different! Different for myself and for others. This could be a harder challenge for me since I think I caught the feather things at a good time...and it seems there was quite the rave about it...Maybe that's why I was able to support myself and son off of them. Starting something new might not be as easy. 

Either way...I have some new things being sent to the wonderful Kandee Johnson as we speak. New designs (I always like to hook her up first!) are going up in a few different shops here in Brooklyn and also in the East Village in Manhattan.

I'll keep you guys posted on when new things are going up...I'm waiting on some bulk supplies and to see how much retail is going to be...

If anyone is looking for feathers let me know! I have boxes and boxes of feathers and I'll still post feathered earrings if anyone wants them! 

I just realized I forgot to rinse out my conditioner. Oh my gosh. 

Much love everyone! Let me know if you have any questions! Stay tuned!!!



  1. Hi!

    Would you consider making them to order now? I was always on the lookout for one of your hot pink and blue combinations, but I always seemed to miss them, so would be happy to buy a pair if you could do something similar?

    Susanne :)

  2. Oh my goodness. I love your feather earrings. I always want to buy them but I always look at your site and your fully stocked when I'm broke and now that I have money, you don't have nothing up. So yeah, please post some more up!

  3. Hello! I stumbled across your site from Kandee Johnson's blog and I LOVE your work!! Feathers may be everywhere right now, but I haven't seen any as gorgeous as yours! They are so natural and beautiful looking. I hope you continue to incorporate feathers and coyote teeth into some of your new creations as well :) Have you ever thought about using shark's teeth? I'm a huge fan of sharks. Or maybe using some turquoise stones with your feather earrings too? (I'm not offended if you think my ideas are terrible)
    :) Thanks, have a great day!

  4. aww! Maybe I'll get some up soon then...I've been busy making orders for shops here in Brooklyn and sales have been slow online so I figured I'd move into new and different things for my online customers! But...I will post some feathers with the new stuff for you guys! It should be within the next few days. We have some crazy weather coming our way in New York so I'm stuck inside working all day!
    I'll keep you guys posted!

  5. I really like the idea of turquoise stones! I've seen your work on Kandee and I really wanted to buy something but I never seem to be able to buy them before they're out! lol so I loooove it if you did put some more of your beautiful earrings up!

  6. Please continue to post feather earrings! I've also been wanting one for quite a while, but paying for college and other bills had to come first. But now that I have some extra spending money, I can't wait to purchase a feather earring myself! [:

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  8. Hi, I'm looking for feathers!! How much would you charge for them? xoxo

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  10. Hey cardi I don't know if you ever saw my message on etsy, but I ordered some cyote tooth earrings with blue thingies on them that i never recieved. I'm sure life is hectic but can you let me know what's going on via etsy when you have a chance? Thanks!