Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goodies from ERIN!

Good afternoon everyone!

I just posted 3 pieces that my friend Erin made! She visiting from out of town and makes really cool stuff with turquoise. I thought I'd put some stuff up for her and see if she could started on etsy.

Heres a few photos of what we just put up...

Check it out...its nice stuff and loooooks good on.


I'm finally going to do the Flea Market tomorrow. I've been saying this for weeks now so we'll see. ha...
I'm heading down to Orange County Monday to stay with my momma bear. But I'm going to take all my stuff with me to creative and post. 

So I'm thinking new stuff with go up on Tuesday. I'm going to make some more chain earrings and see if I can use my roommates studio lights tonight so I can get them posted before the Flea Market tomorrow. Or if I don't end up at the market, I'll have lots to post tomorrow. We'll see. :)

Its time to start working...


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