Friday, June 3, 2011

First Earring Necklaces!!


ok so I just took some photos of the first chin-chain earring necklace thing. What are they called!!!?? hahaha...

I'm not the best photographer... and had a really hard time getting a good shot at this one. Its long, black leather fringe, sterling silver beads, my favorite skulls at the top!!! and black and white feathers.  I think this thing is pretty AMAZING!! Its for sure my own style of what Kandee was wearing...but of course, I have to put my own love into it! I do have 3 others that are a bit less, But they are really pretty! I put my own bead work with the chain thats hanging, no skulls, no leather. They are fun to make and theres a lot of different things I could do so...Theres a few photos of this one...

I'm going to let Jonathan shoot the real photos when he gets up and have him get them on Etsy asap.

I'm hoping to have 5 different ones by around 3pm.

Coffee time! Lots of work to get done :)



p.s. I set up a blog page thats connected to my iphone for photo uploading...does anyone know how that works?


  1. Oh me God! I love this!! I would love one! How much are they?

  2. amazing sooooooo frickin cool! Love our work! xx