Friday, May 20, 2011

Back in action

It has been a long last few weeks...


I am back in action! Finally. A week vacation messed me up! I feel like coming back to reality took me a bit longer than I thought. I have been working all day today and Jon (back to helping me again) is posting 9 new pieces. There's 5 crazy bright colored ones... One has glitter on it! I thought it would be fun and something different. I have one conch piece that I'm in love with. I made a new pair that are simple but really cool. It's coyote teeth hanging from chain. There's a whole new line I'm doing for shops out here in la that's going to consist of jewelry like these. I thought I'd post some though and see what you guys thought. I know were all about the feathers here though :)

I think some things are going up now. I'm going to shoot some photos real quick of the others that I just finished.

Much love!!!


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