Sunday, May 15, 2011


Good to be here...

We ended up staying in Salt Lake for a few more days than we planned. :)

It was hard to leave. The fresh air, seeing snow on mountain tops, racing go karts, eating, eating, eating!! haha...I don't think I've eaten so much good food in the same week! My dad loves to eat and dine kinda guy.

Now I have a travel bug.

I'm getting unpacked this morning. Yesterday I was in Orange County all day with my mom. She HAD to see the little man! But then I'm getting to work! I think I'm going to hold off on posting tonight and start putting everything up in the morning. I'm so happy to start lovin on Etsy again! I miss it. I really did.

Keep your fingers crossed my tax return comes tomorrow in the mail!! I finally will get my little CAMERA! But, I must say you guys...I really learned how to use the SLR camera. I feel like a smartie pants.

Ok...WORKING!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! Things will be posted before noonish tomorrow morning! (wait, so lets say in the afternoon?)

LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for staying with me while I was away.


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  1. SOOO glad you're back and ay-okay! :)