Friday, April 1, 2011


The rest are up!

I'm sorry I had to split up the post.  :(

There will be another post tomorrow with the hair clips and a few more earrings.

Heres my new favorite...

I'm making one of these for myself!

Again...I'm sorry everything didn't go up yesterday and late today. I know you guys like to have times but I really suck at it. Obviously. It might be easier too if it was just me I was relying on to get the stuff posted. Sometimes it just takes a lot longer than I think. Sladen will be starting preschool again soon so that will help me a ton!

I gotta have Jon take some cute photos of our new dog too. Shes such a love. Shes doing a lot better today.

Ok, its dinner time. Let me know how you like the stuff!




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  2. Where do u get ur feathers?