Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hello hello!

I finally made it back to la!!

It was a nice vacation to my moms though for a few days...I needed it

Loooking good for posting today. Jonathan is going to start taking photos here in a bout an hour so everything will be up later this afternoon.

Sladen is staying at his nana's house this week so I get a sweet little break. Also much needed. I'm thinking it'll be a good time for me to work work work while I have the free time.

It's my birthday Friday! Whoa! 25...I feel so old. Hahaha I found my first grey hair!!! I can't believe it. That really made me feel old. Argh...

I made a video at my moms house with her flip camera but I can't upload it! So annoying. I recorded the thing like 25 times too because I'm a dork.

I'll get a little camera with my tax return so I can do little videos and post photos of more things. I can't work the camera we got for jewelry photos. Haha...slr cameras are a bit out of my ballpark.

Ok I'm going to go get everything ready for photos!

Loves loves!



  1. what is your excuse for taking so long today? -__-"

  2. Wanna help? I could sure use some

  3. I would love to help, but you're there && I'm here, in cold Chicago. =/

  4. I'm dealing with a Virgo here that has to have everything perfect and is retaking the photos now. It's probably just as frustrating for me as it is you guys. I'm sorry. I'm doing everything I can. I've been gone most the day expecting things to be up by now. No excuses, just need a little understanding. Please. This stuff takes time. There's 20 things going up all together.