Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainy LA

Its been pouring in LA for 2 days now! Its crazy!

I guess theres been flash floods in Santa Monica. Kinda scary.  

We went and looked at a few more places today. Theres one place that I really want! Its a cute little 2 bedroom in a duplex. The property manger hasn't called us back though. :( I think he wasn't excited about having a 4 year old live there. I've found people in LA don't like renting to people with a kid. It makes me kinda sad. Being a single mom in the city is hard enough and then to have someone tell you they would rent to you because of your kid...ANNOYING!

I'm getting work done today though! I can't really leave the house because of the rain. haha...I have no choice but to tie myself to my desk and create!

Did you guys like the dyed feathers? would you like to see more? I just ordered a bunch of new feathers that I'm really stoked on getting. They are natural though.

I'm running across the street real quick to look at another place. I'll let you know how it goes!

Earrrrings coming sooon!! stay posted!


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