Wednesday, January 12, 2011

you guys are awesome!!

I couldn't believe today everything sold within a hour!!!

I'm so happy! All the beautiful emails we've received and wonderful feedback. Thank you sooo much!

Tomorrow I have a few supplies to get and then I'm going to be busy busy making stuff. I've gotten lots of requests for the "Kandee" wrap, so I'll make maybe 5 of those...some double layer ones...does anyone want hair clips? Let me know. Seems lots of you like the blue wrap too. I'll get some more blue leather

I'm trying to stay on top of requests. Thank for your patiences. Its hard to do costume stuff through etsy. But any feedback I would love to hear.

Check etsy tomorrow or check here for updates.

Send Kandee love and good juju with baby almost here too!!

Lots of LOVE!

-Cardi & Jon

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