Friday, January 21, 2011

Fringe earrings let me know...

We not down with the fringe earrings? Maybe they are too long?

The one that has feathers in it is amazing. I sale a lot of these at the flea market. Maybe they are something you have to see in person? I don't know. If they don't sale by tomorrow I'll take them down.

I have to get ready for the flea market tomorrow. LOADS of work to do. BLAH...

But...its ok. Better than working at Juicy Couture!!! hahahahaha!!!!

I was going to make stuff tonight but my house is full of people playing music and I can't even hear myself think. Kind of annoying. Really annoying. I kinda want to go cut the power :)

Much Love! There will be some good stuff posted monday for sure too!!!! WHOA!!



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  2. I like the fringe, but I think a larger feather or two in it would be awsome :) your work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  3. yes it's too long, you should shorten them a bit & make them different lengths.