Monday, May 3, 2010

flea market etsy trying to get everything figured out

everything should be back up on etsy. i've got a few more things to post from what i didn't sale at the flea market yesterday. i got the feedback about the parrot feathers being alone without the pheasant feathers with it so i'll have some of those tonight and posted hopefully tomorrow. i got some green macaw feathers that are the same as the ones i made for kandee...those as well will be posted on my etsy by wednesday!

oh and hair clips!! they are sooo cool!! i'll for sure get a couple posted on my etsy account. its hard to get good pictures of them because theres so many feathers and details hidden. i'll let ya know when i have some to post online!!

anyway, just keep checking. i always appreciate the feedback!

much luv


  1. let me know when you get some macaw feathers made into earrings for etsy! I'm very interested!

  2. hello, its wondefull, i'm franc, i like what you do